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Suggested Shropshire Itineraries For Groups


This itinerary starts in the Low Town of Bridgnorth, after a stroll around, you can board the steepest inland cliff railway in Britain. This will take you up to the high area of the town and the castle gardens. After exploring the gardens you will need to cross the nearby iron footbridge to the Severn Valley Railway Station. Your train will whisk you away, and whilst eating lunch you will steam through the Severn Valley to Kidderminster.

Accommodation Suggestions
The Raven Hotel and Restaurant
The Bulls Head
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*From Much Wenlock take the A458 to Bridgnorth, from Telford take the A442.

Bridgnorth10.00 Bridgnorth
After a stroll arround Bridgnorth Low Town, board the cliff railway to be lifted 110 feet to the high town. On the way up look for Bishop Percy’s House, former home of the cleric and poet who collected the ballards known as Percy’s Reliques and the cliff caves, which were inhabited until the 1850’s. Once at the top you can wander around the castle gardens, through what’s left of the actual castle after it was blown up by parliamentarians in the civil war. It leans more than the tower of Pisa.

12.30 Severn Valley Railway, including lunch
Board one of the trains and take the 16 mile journey to Kidderminster. Lunch will be served on board whilst the train steams through the River Severn Valley. This will need to be pre-ordered and tickets will need to be booked in advance. Contact Severn Valley catering department on 01562 827232 to book.

Severn Valley Railway3.30 Bridgnorth
The rest of town can now be explored, there are plenty of shops, buildings and inns to captivate you, the town trail will take you around many of these. The locals obvious love of, and pride in the town shows with every corner and hanging baskets filled with beautiful blooms. For their efforts they have won both regional and national competitions, including an RHS gold award.

There are several places where afternoon tea can be taken. For more information and a guide to Bridgnorth contact the Visitor Information Centre.

Tel: 01746 763257