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Shropshire Author hailed as next J. K. Rowling (20th January 2012)

Shropshire Author hailed as next J. K. Rowling

Catherine Cooper, a children’s author from Wellington in Shropshire has been hailed as the next J.K. Rowling after the huge international success of the Jack Brenin fantasy adventure series, after 100,000 downloads on Amazon’s Kindle last year.

The first book in this series, The Golden Acorn, was the overall winner of the 2010 Brit Writers Awards and the movie rights for the series have recently been optioned by Delve Films.

The Golden Acorn is about a boy called Jack Brenin and his magical adventures, which begin when he finds a golden acorn. He is the ‘chosen one’ and has to travel back to Viroconium in Roman times to rescue a forest of dying oaks and the spirits that live within them. Infinite Ideas will publish The Lost Treasure of Annwn and The Oak Lord this year, the final two titles in the Jack Brenin series.

Catherine said, “I love Shropshire; I think it’s one of the loveliest counties in England.  It is so rich in landscape, history, myths and legends.  It has everything I could wish for to use as the setting for my Jack Brenin series.  My central characters live in and around Glasruhen Hill, which in reality is The Wrekin.  The town of Newton Gill is an anagram of Wellington, where I live, and if you anagram The Gelston River is produces, The Longest River, which of course is the River Severn. 

Jack’s adventures take him to many locations in Shropshire, including the Raven’s Bowl and Hillfort at the top of The Wrekin, the Stiperstones, Wroxeter, and down the River Severn in a coracle.  If anyone would like to know more about the real locations I’ve used, there’s a contact form on my website at”

“The search for a successor to JK Rowling has become a pressing issue... in the running is Catherine Cooper.”
Vanessa Thorpe, the Observer

"The Jack Brenin' series is a must-read for fans of thrilling and magical adventures."
Lauren Jarvis, NG Kids

(Photograph of Catherine Cooper courtesy of Bob Greaves, Shropshire Star)