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Father's Day at Hawkstone Park (6th June 2012)

A Shropshire tourist attraction is playing host to the daddy of Father's Day celebrations. Hawkstone Park in Weston-Under-Redcastle is offering fathers and their families the chance to enjoy the special day - Sunday, June 17 - by taking part in a range of activities from handling birds of prey to off-road driving.

The park has been hosting Father’s Day activities for the past 12 years and this year’s line-up includes archery sessions, clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting, off-road 4x4 driving and handling birds of prey.

Specialist Shropshire companies will be providing expert supervision for the activities which Roger Whitehouse, park manager at the Follies at Hawkstone Park, believes are a great way for families to share the day.

He said: “Like most things at Hawkstone Park our Father’s Day activities started off small but have grown dramatically in terms of both popularity and size over the years.

“We have been doing this for 12 years now and it has been great to see how much families enjoy it all.

“It has always been common place for mothers to be pampered on Mother’s Day but it is a bit more difficult to come up with something for dad.

“We have found that these activities really fit the bill because not only is there something to entertain dad but the whole family can get involved – and there is often a bit of friendly competition!

“We have Teal Sports coming in to oversee the clay pigeon and some rifle shooting, while Feather Perfect make sure everyone is safe while handling the birds of prey and Ash 4x4 give people the chance to either have a ride in the 4x4 as a family or have a go themselves.

“We have had some tremendous events over the last couple of years and I am sure there will be more of the same this time around too.”
Normal entry prices apply while clay pigeon shooting costs £5 for ten shots, archery is £2 for six arrows, it costs £2 for a ride on the four-wheel drive track and it is £20 for 30-minute drive. It is £1.50 to handle birds of prey with feather perfect and £20 for 30 minutes flying.

For further information visit or call 01948 841777.