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New film to be set in Shropshire...but only with your help! (7th May 2013)

New film to be set in Shropshire...but only with your help!

Not since 2007 when Joe Wright came to film 'Atonement' in Stokesay Court has Shropshire been the stage of a feature film. But with your support, this summer will see South Shropshire return to the big screen with the production of 'Hide' by writer-director Jon Stanford in what will be his first feature film.

Shropshire production company Wildgrass Films are in the process of preparing for principal photography but need financial support to ensure that filming can go ahead this summer. So, if you are interested in supporting a local arts project then visit, where for a pledge of £10, you can guarantee a ticket to see the film once it is complete.

With successes at Encounters, Cambridge Film Festival, London International Documentary Film Festival, The Iris Prize at Cardiff Film Festival and the Brest European Short Film Festival, writer-director Jon Stanford has already shown that he can make award winning films, and their content shows a continuing interest with the concerns of Shropshire life. His documentary 'In Long Forgotten Fields' followed two brothers as they pursued careers and relationships in rural South Shropshire.

Following the trend set by his previous films, Jon will shoot the entire film on location in Shropshire and the storyline of Hide will also centre on the lives of Shropshire teenagers. At its heart Hide is a love story about Lily and her soldier boyfriend, Sam. Returning from his first tour of duty, Sam struggles to acclimatize and dashes any hopes that Lily has of rekindling their relationship. Instead, Sam goes AWOL and draws Lily deeper into his post-war world, forcing her to embark on a journey that tests the strength and resilience of their love. Through making this film Jon hopes to shed light on the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on soldiers returning from war, but also affirm that love can combat the trauma of war.

If you would like to get an idea of what HIDE will be like you can see the short films that the director has previously made in Shropshire when they are screened at The Old Market Hall on Sunday May 19th: tickets can be bought here.

This film promises to place Shropshire in the international film scene, giving recognition to Shropshire filmmakers and actors. If you would like to find out more go to the film's website where you’ll find a short film made by the director which explains the project in full