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Opening Exhibition at the new Joseph Gibson Gallery (7th October 2014)

Opening Exhibition at the new Joseph Gibson Gallery

Peter Podmore - Exhibition 26 October-30 November 2014 at The Music Hall, The Square, Shrewsbury SY1 1LH

From the forgotten hills of Northumbria, land of otters, wild goats, hares and pre-history gazing over to the magical, almost sacred coastline of Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle, the Joseph Gibson Gallery, a brand new gallery in the Music Hall in The Square, brings you the work of Peter Podmore, whose landscapes and abstract paintings are inspired by the clear, hard North Eastern light and the Cheviot Hills.  This is a solitary place, with few visitors, and most days Peter works outside, entirely on his own.  It is a place of peace and contemplation (and trying to keep your hands warm!)

The rhythm of the hills, the ever-changing light and colour and the great open spaces provide him with material, not only for the landscapes that he paints standing out in all weathers, but also for a series of abstract paintings based on musical ideas.  He says that to stand on a hillside in spring surrounded by the sound of the crows, buzzards, songbirds and lambs is like listening to an English symphony. 

Peter Podmore is also interested in the structure of the old buildings which attach to his studio, an old barn that once housed the dray horses for the farm.  Peter recently made a series of paintings of the light falling through rafters onto a white wall while the roof tiles were off when the old farm buildings were being restored.  They make a perplexing and ambiguous statement reflecting the illusions created by light in the landscape as the hills form and then fall away in mist and shadow.

So this is no ordinary exhibition but the work of a painter who, although his work is based on the fundamentals of light, space and structure, brings to his work a wide range of ways of bringing these elements to life.  This is a substantial show in a beautiful spacious gallery and there is a lot to take in, so give yourselves plenty of time to look at it.