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Mystery Shropshire Church Identified (3rd June 2015)

Mystery Shropshire Church Identified

Following the recent request from a New Zealand family who contacted Shropshire Tourism to help identify a mystery church in Shropshire, lots of Shropshire Star and Ludlow Journal readers have been in touch to help solve the case!

The church has been identified as St Giles, Downton on the Rock near Ludlow. First off the block was John Morris from Ludlow who recognised the church straight away.

Claire Owen from Shropshire Tourism said, "We were emailed several photographs of a church taken somewhere in Shropshire in 1998, but the owner, Nic Hall, had been unable to identify it. Thankfully as soon as the story was printed we were called by a large number of people to identify the church and we have since emailed Nic and his family from New Zealand to let them know. Our thanks go to Shropshire Star and Ludlow Journal readers who contacted Shropshire Tourism to help solve the mystery."

Nic Hall said, "The image of my daughter, Adelaide, standing in the last rays of the September sunset near Ludlow in 2008, is one of the many photographs from that holiday we had in the UK and Europe which run as a continual slideshow as a desktop screensaver on my laptop at work. It is the only one of the selected sixty or so that - although I cherished for the memory and its content, my daughter - irked me because I couldn't literally place it, neither could my wife Kiri. We knew the county, we knew it was near Ludlow and we remembered all the nuances that led to us being there. But, the name of this beautifully simple and proportioned church, set in such an idyllic and quintessentially English landscape, we had not the foggiest.

Hence the inquiry trail that began with trawling over Google maps and satellite, along the routes we took that day - even using street view - hoping to find the church among any of the ones marked. It was after a few emails to the right people in the right places that led to the press release that led to the 'that's it moment'. Even though I don't personally know the people who called to name the church - their time, time they had no necessary need to take - to respond, I am - we are - now,  connected to them, gratefully so.

The caption that used to read; Adelaide near Ludlow has now been thankfully corrected to read; Adelaide, St Giles Church, Downton on the Rock, near Ludlow."