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Oswald film to star at Cannes on how Oswestry got its name! (9th October 2015)

Oswald film to star at Cannes on how Oswestry got its name!

The film is based around the legend of C7th King (Saint) Oswald who gave a name to a Shropshire town - and it is set to feature at the glamorous Cannes Film Festival next May.

The film, known as ‘Whiteblade’ is a short film based on the formative years of Anglo-Saxon King and Saint Oswald, who has links to Oswestry.

Years before he died in the Battle of Shropshire, the film captures his adventures of claiming the kingdom of Northumbria as he comes out of exile. 

According to the Shropshire Star, whilst the link between Oswestry and Saint Oswald is well known in Oswestry and has been for centuries, the film’s writer and director; Mark Hindman-Smith, said he wanted to bring it to a wider audience.

Oswestry, one of the oldest border settlements is a large market town on the Shropshire border to Wales. Legend has it that the name Oswestry derived from the ‘Oswald’s Tree’. In the Battle of Maserfield in 642, Oswald fought against the Anglo-Saxon Kings Penda of Mercia. Oswald was defeated and killed in the battle, as a warning to others, Oswald’s body was dismembered and his limbs were hung on the branches of a tree - hence the name ‘Oswald’s Tree’.

The film stars Salopians, Anthony Webster as King Penda and Sha’ori Morris as Eanflaed from Shrewsbury.