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Jurassic Hike – Summit of Snowdon (5th August 2016)

Jurassic Hike – Summit of Snowdon

Four heroic teams are taking part in an incredible undertaking in aid of a local charity. In an event organised by Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club and The British Ironwork Centre, with brave supporters from Fusion Arts, Elite Fitness and Oswestry Cross Fit will be taking on a tough four hour hike to the summit of Mount Snowdon, but this is no regular mountain trek.

Each team will be carrying far more than the ordinary supplies, a T-Rex sculpture weighing in at over 200kg will be travelling with them!

The spectacular dinosaur will be dismantled and carried in parts by each of the participants, to make things even harder it will then be re-assembled once they reach the top. Man made straps and specially customised logs will be used to help carry this mammoth sculpture 1085 meters to the peak. It is hoped that through this amazing challenge more than £5000 can be raised for Hope House Children’s Hospice with over £100 already donated.

Jay Moore exhibition lead and master mind behind the challenge has spent months and weeks painstakingly planning and organising the event, ensuring every base is covered. As the date draws ever nearer Jay had this to say,

"We're all getting very excited; it's taken some time to get everything together. The team at Snowdon have been very supportive, and our friends at The British Ironwork Centre, CrossFit and Team Elite have all embraced the cause with open arms.

It's all starting to feel very real now. It's one of those ideas that sounds great in your head, but when you say it aloud you quickly realise just how much trouble you've got yourself in. I love those moments!"

Members of CrossFit Oswestry are pumped and more than prepared to tackle things head on saying,

“When we were asked to take part in the challenge we were more than happy to get involved. It’s for a great cause and when the Ironwork Centre are organising something, you can be sure it will be an epic adventure! This is what we train for! CrossFit- Faster, Fitter and Stronger.”

The gruelling mission will begin at 6.45am on Saturday 21st August and once they begin there can be no turning back. If you would like to contribute to the cause and help reach the target for Hope House please visit the just giving page here: