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Second chance to see Andy McKeown's Giant Light-Show Tribute to Margaret Agnes Rope (16th December 2016)

Second chance to see Andy McKeown's Giant Light-Show Tribute to Margaret Agnes Rope

Visitors to the main square in Shrewsbury will have a second opportunity before Christmas to see the very successful ‘Tribute To Margaret Rope’ light-show created by international light artist Andy McKeown.

Andy McKeown is famous internationally for his shows, which project moving images onto the sides of famous buildings. He has created displays for the sides of bridges, heritage buildings and even cathedrals. They are known for their emotional impact. He is currently working on a Liverpool Cathedral project.

Andy said: “Margaret Rope was a great stained-glass designer of the early twentieth century. I love stained-glass anyway, but have a particular fondness for her work - as seven of her windows were installed in the church I got married in!”

The free show, which takes place from 4.30pm-7.30pm on Wednesday December 21st, will feature dozens of images, including close-ups, taken from Margaret Rope’s windows. Margaret Rope designed over seventy windows in her career.

The images will be projected on to the facade of Shrewsbury Museum.

“It is so exciting for me,” said Andy. “There will be hundreds of visitors in the square, many there for late-night shopping, all in festive mood. The images being projected will stretch up to ninety feet high, with an accompanying soundtrack to add to the atmosphere. The images are put together to give an impression of swirling and spinning, so I’m predicting a thrilling spectacle in the square!”

The ‘first run’ of this show was back in October. “However,” said Andy, “I have greatly refined and added to the show since, so this is almost a different event. I can only say that anyone who takes time to stop and stand and watch, even if for a few minutes, will experience in these images great beauty, great pathos, and significant emotion. They won’t regret it.”

At the same time as the light-show is running in the square, Shrewsbury Museum will be open for a rare evening admission session.

The main exhibition in the museum celebrates the life, work and achievements of Margaret Rope, who was born in Shrewsbury in 1882.